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"Our employees were satisfied with kitchens and services, in particular praised the professional reception services, the service was very friendly and helpful."

Miroslava Vaizová, ČEZ Zákaznické služby, s.r.o.




"Working with the Hotel Orea Resort Horizont our company Linde Gas Inc. for several years. We have always been satisfied with the professional and friendly attitude of the staff and the quality of hotel services. I continue Orea Resort Horizont is happy to return."

Renata Sedláková, Linde Gas a.s

alt "Power & Pilates Studio was held the first training weekend at Orea Resort Horizont in spring 2016th As teachers study and especially the customers are very pleased. Teachers appreciate the excellent communication and cooperation to keep to itself in its course. Customer beyond the normal benefits positively rated excellent cuisine, spa services and more sports facilities offered by the hotel. It is also favorable hotel location and interesting surroundings. We look forward to further cooperation and stays at this friendly hotel."

 Mgr. Iva Horatlíková, Power & Pilates Studio Tábor,




"In April 2016, we spent almost two days at a closing session at Orea horizon. Reservations entire event, including the fine-tuning many details was very professional. The same applies to the course itself - everything was finished, all services worked well and the concept of the hotel staff was very good with a few exceptions. recommend Hotel like and I plan to come back with family."

Petr Kučera, STILL ČR spol. s r.o.




"Thank you for your willingness and support for employees and customers of our company to provide accommodation. The services and accommodation we were very pleased."

Markéta Texlová, Marketing, CROY s.r.o.



'In the Orea Resort Horizont we had an occupationally recreational stay that succeeded  beyond our expectations of all . Everything went perfect ever since the initial communication, an immediate reaction on the questions and so on. The food was delicious, the wellness nice and above all clean. The hotel staff was very kind and personable. I recommend it for sure and have been looking forvard to another occupational or private stay.'

Ivana Kuhnová, marketing specialist, DNS a. s.



In the Horizont Hotel we have been giving our sporting and relaxation weekends for several years. There is available beautiful  wellness, in which we like to return to have a rest and to relax after a demanding exercise programme. The hotel is located in wonderful nature that represents for us 'balm to the soul' in these fast-moving times.☺

Gabriela Svobodová, Fitness Instruktor & Nike Team Leader Plzeň